Pine Crest Campground - New York State Camping on the Susquehanna

Pine Crest Campground - New York State Camping on the Susquehanna

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Site Map & Rules
Pine Crest Campground is pleased to provide you with this site map of our grounds and facilities. You may use this map as a reference for the locations of various campsites in relation to amenities. You may also click on this map to download and print a higher resolution PDF file. We are also listing a summary of our campground policies for your reference. These should be used as a guide during your stay at Pine Crest Campground, as well as your assurance that other guests will be held to the same standards. Contact our office or e-mail us for clarification regarding any items not listed or with any questions. We want to be certain that you will enjoy your stay.

Pine Crest Campground Policies

Guest Anyone who does not live in your household and is not your dependent under the age of 18 is considered a guest. All guests must stop to register at the office upon arrival at Pine Crest Campground – No Exceptions. There is a $4.00 per person charge for adult visitors, and children visitors age 17 or under are $3.00. All day visitors must leave by 10:00PM. Overnight visitors are $5.00 per person ($8.00 per person on holiday weekends) provided that they are staying in your camper with you. Guest boat launch is $15.00 (plus the visitor fee). You are responsible for your guests and that they follow Pine Crest Campground Policies.

Speed Limit – 5 mph for vehicles of any type. You must have a driver’s license to operate any motorized vehicle on campground property, this includes golf carts.

ATV’s/Golf Carts – 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, and ATV’s are NOT allowed on campground property. Campers owning and operating motorized golf carts on campground property are responsible to maintain liability insurance. If you do not have a license you may not drive a golf cart.

Parking at Campsites – Parking at a site is for the camper’s convenience. 2 car maximum per site. Guests should use the parking lot. Island guests may inquire about parking when they stop at the office.

Site Appearance – Sites should be kept mowed, trimmed and looking neat and clean at all times.

Pool – Observe posted pool rules. NYS rules require TWO adults must be inside pool fence with one on the pool deck. Children under 16 and non swimmers must be supervised by a responsible adult (age 18 or older) at all times. Children are NOT to be left unattended. NO diving, cannon balls, running, pushing or excessive splashing in pool area. No food or drinks inside the fence. Pool hours are noon until ½ hour prior to dark, but may be adjusted at owner’s discretion. The pool will be closed at the first sign of a thunder/lighting storm and remain closed until the storm has passed.

Quiet Hours – 11:00PM to 8:00AM. Children should be back at their campsite by 10:00PM.

Consideration for Others – Loud music and loud, abusive, or foul language are not necessary. Please be considerate of the other campers so you are not disturbing them. Privacy of other campers is to be respected. Do not walk or drive through any site, vacant or occupied. Remind your children and guests of this policy. Respect for each other is expected while in the recreation hall and foul language will NOT be tolerated.

Pets – Pets are not to run loose in camp or on other sites and should be kept quiet. Clean up after your pet whether it be on your site or while you are walking your pet on camp property. A copy of your pet’s current rabies vaccination must be presented to the office.

Trash Collection – Please place your garbage/trash in a large plastic bag and take it to the fenced area attached to the pump house across from the pool. This service is for household trash/garbage only. All other trash such as discarded appliances, grills, chairs, umbrellas, carpet, brooms, buckets, plastic boats, camp lights, etc., must be taken home. All trash including cigarette butts should be disposed of properly. No recyclable items should be placed in your trash bag, but disposed of in the yellow bins you see throughout camp.

Recycling – Recycling is a state law in New York and MUST be done. Place clean cans, glass jars, plastic items (must be coded 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 – if you look on the bottom of the item you will see the recycle insignia with a number in the middle of it) in the yellow recycling bins placed around the camp. Please burn your paper products, thank-you.

Tents/Screen Rooms – Please do not leave tents set up for extended periods of time when not in use. If more than one tent or screen room is to be set up please contact the office.

Alcohol / Illegal Substances – Underage drinking and the possession or use of illegal substances is not permitted on Pine Crest property. If any persons under the age of 21 are found drinking and if anyone is found to be using illegal substances you will be evicted from the park immediately.

Boat Docks – All designated water front sites may locate a dock in front of their site. All other non water front sites wishing to maintain a dock must receive yearly permission from the campground. Your boat dock MUST have a sign on it that says "Private Dock".

Bicycles – Bicyclists must follow New York State Law regarding helmets. The law states that: all bicyclists under the age of 14 are required to wear approved bicycle helmets when bicycling or riding as a passenger. If you're riding at night your bike must have reflectors a headlight and a taillight. Consider using additional lighting and reflective bands, vests and clothing to increase your visibility. Park bicycles off all roads and walkways. Bicycles are not allowed in Recreation Room or Pavilions. Bicycles are NOT allowed on the hill. Parents we ask that your children do not ride their bikes in the dark.

Black/Gray Water – It is against Broome County Health Department Regulations to dump gray or black water, grease, etc. on the ground. Anyone caught doing this will be told to leave the park immediately.

Firearms / Fireworks – All types of firearms including BB guns and the use of fireworks are strictly forbidden. Use of these items will prompt immediate eviction from Pine Crest.

Damaging or Destroying Camp Property – Management reserves the right to bill anyone for destruction of campground property caused by any member of their family, visitors or their dogs, Please see that your children and your guests do not damage or destroy camp property. This includes items in the recreation hall and damage done by peeling bark or breaking branches off live trees. You will be held responsible for any damages incurred. Please notify the office if any campground equipment is broken or not working properly.

Campfires – We ask that you keep your campfire contained within your fire ring under control and never left unattended. Please do not move fire rings and DO NOT place non-burnable (I.e. plastic, glass bottles, soda cans) in the fire rings. You may not cut down any live trees on the property, however if you like you may pick up any dead or fallen branches and burn them. Please be sure your campfire is out before retiring for the evening or leaving the campground.

Trespassing on Others’ Property – The camp is surrounded on three sides by private property, and campers do not have permission to trespass. The gravel pits and the corn field behind the bike trails are strictly off limits. The creek and fields that run along the back edge of the sites serve as an indicator for camp property.

Wi-Fi Hotspot – This is a shared, open system, so please use common courtesy and minimize bandwidth use. We must ask that you adhere to a few rules so that all our campers get to enjoy the system. This service is designed for e-mail and Web browsing. Downloading large files or excessive use of bandwidth will result in automatic limitation of access. Wi-fi use in the Office (hotspot) is for transient use only.

Internet access is supplied as a service to our customers. We are not responsible for your laptop security or data integrity. By logging onto our system, you agree to these conditions for access and promise that, when you are done checking your e-mail, you will enjoy the great outdoors at our beautiful campground.

Theft and Loss – Management is not responsible for theft or loss of any kind, nor damage caused by fire, wind, water, accidents, vandalism, lighting strikes, or acts of God. It is your responsibility to maintain insurance on your camper/boats/ski jets and golf carts at all times

Miscellaneous – Shut off your water, turn off all lights, and secure awnings when leaving the park for the week. Messages will be delivered on an emergency basis only. The pavilions may be rented on a first come basis; however they are not available for rental on holiday weekends. Please leave the pavilions as you found them.

Firewood Regulations per New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
A NEW DEC REGULATION is now in effect that prohibits the import of firewood into New York unless it has been heat treated to kill pests. The regulation also limits the transportation of untreated firewood to less than 50 miles from its source. By transporting firewood, you could be spreading diseases and invasive insects that can quickly kill large numbers of trees. Help STOP THE SPREAD and obey the Firewood Regulation:

It is best to leave all firewood at home - please do not bring it to campgrounds or parks. Get your firewood at the campground or from a local vendor - ask for a receipt or label that has the firewood's local source. If you choose to transport firewood within New York State:
• It must have a receipt or label that has the firewood's source and it must remain within 50 miles of that source.
• For firewood not purchased (i.e. cut from your own property) you must have a Self-Issued Certificate of Source (available at the campground), and it must be sourced within 50 miles of your destination.
• Only firewood labeled as meeting New York's heat treatment standards to kill pests (kiln-dried) may be transported into the state and further than 50 miles from the firewood's source.

• Be Considerate of Others • Drive Slowly • Watch Out for Children •


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