Pine Crest Campground - New York State Camping on the Susquehanna

Pine Crest Campground - New York State Camping on the Susquehanna

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Rates & Reservation Requests
Shaded or sunny, all of our sites are spacious. In addition to sites that accommodate everything from tents to the largest RV's, we offer both a cabin and a fifth-wheel trailer rental for people who would like to try the camping experience but have not yet invested in their own equipment. We also offer substantial discounts for week-long and monthly stays, as well as extremely affordable seasonal rates (with seasonal sites available!) All sites include picnic tables and fire rings. Many improvements have been made to the campground’s infrastructure under its new owners, including re-grading of roadways and extensive tree work, each with the intention of improving access to sites.

Privately owned and operated, we feature the most beautiful river front campsites on the Susquehanna River.
  • River front campsites for tents, pop-ups or RV’s.
  • Shaded, sunny, or pond sites, our campsites accommodate tents to RV’s, 40 foot in length.
  • Cabins, 5th wheel and trailer rentals for visitors or those who wish to try the camping experience before investing in their own equipment.
  • All sites include picnic tables and fire rings, some with decks. On average our site size is 50' x 30'.
  • Large 40' x 20' in-ground swimming pool overlooking the Susquehanna River.
  • Boat Launch available.
  • Extensive road improvements make it easy to access your site. Pull-thru sites available.
  • A wide variety of water, electric, sewer, cable TV, 30/50 amp sites, and yes a Wi-Fi hot spot is available!
  • Riverside seasonal sites available, where your camper and boat located at the same spot.
  • Competitive rates with discounts for week-long and monthly stays.

Riverfront sites at Pine Crest Campground

Swimming Pool at Pine Crest Campground

Seasonal Campers at Pine Crest Campground

2016 Rates
May 6, 2016 - October 16, 2016

Rates based upon a family of 4 (maximum of 2 adults) per site. Children ages 2-5 are free.
Additional adults (or more than 2 children ages 6 or over) are an additional $5.00 per night.
Check-in is 3:00PM / Check-out is 1:00PM (except 11:00AM check-out for rentals).
One camping unit per site.

Type of Site / Rental Daily Weekly Monthly Holiday Weekend*
Water Sites $26.00 $156.00 $546.00 $108.00
Water/Electric Sites $30.00 $180.00 $750.00 $120.00
Trailers – Water/Electric/Sewer Sites –
w/o Cable TV (30 amp sites only)
$40.00 $240.00 $950.00 $150.00
Trailers – Water/Electric/Sewer Sites –
w/ Cable TV (30 amp sites only)
$42.00 $252.00 $1,025.00 $160.00
Water/Electric/Sewer –
20/30/50 amp sites w/o Cable TV
$45.00 $270.00 $1,125.00 $165.00
Water/Electric/Sewer –
20/30/50 amp sites w/ Cable TV
$48.00 $288.00 $1,200.00 $175.00

Tuscarora and Ermine Cabin exteriors at Pine Crest Campground

Tuscarora Cabin – Our Tuscarora and Ermine Cabins are duplex cabins, with a sound-insulated wall separating each unit. Each cabin is equipped with 4 bunk beds, a carpeted area, a bar area with 4 stools for dining, a fan, 2 windows with curtains, a small refrigerator, a toaster, a coffee pot, and a microwave oven. The cabin has approximately 300 square feet of space, with 2 ceiling lights, a lamp with a night light, and a dresser. Outside is a picnic table, a fire ring and a charcoal grill. The bathhouse is just around the corner, for your convenience. Bring your own linens, blankets and pillows. Ice, paper goods, disposable utensils and charcoal are available for sale in our store or bring your own. All of our cabins are smoke and pet free.

Tuscarora Cabin – Sleeps 4 $60.00 $360.00 $1,260.00 $208.00

Tuscarora and Ermine Cabin exteriors at Pine Crest Campground

Ermine Cabin – Our Tuscarora and Ermine Cabins are duplex cabins, with a sound-insulated wall separating each unit. Each cabin is equipped with 4 bunk beds, a carpeted area, a bar area with 4 stools for dining, a fan, 2 windows with curtains, a small refrigerator, a toaster, a coffee pot, and a microwave oven. The cabin has approximately 300 square feet of space, with 2 ceiling lights, a lamp with a night light, and a dresser. Outside is a picnic table, a fire ring and a charcoal grill. The bathhouse is just around the corner, for your convenience. Bring your own linens, blankets and pillows. Ice, paper goods, disposable utensils and charcoal are available for sale in our store or bring your own. All of our cabins are smoke and pet free.

Ermine Cabin – Sleeps 4 $60.00 $360.00 $1,260.00 $208.00

Sunnyside Cabin exterior at Pine Crest Campground

Sunnyside Cabin – Our 12' x 16' pond view cabin sleeps 4 with two bunk beds, table and chairs, well equipped with a midsized refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, portable fan and two lights. The bathroom/bathhouse is directly across the road for your convenience. Bring your own linens, blankets and pillows. Ice, paper goods, disposable utensils and charcoal are for sale in our store or bring your own. All of our cabins are smoke and pet free.

Sunnyside Cabin – Sleeps 4 $60.00 $360.00 $1,260.00 $208.00

Rental trailer interior at Pine Crest Campground

Rental Trailer – Our rental trailer is a 2003 Holiday Rambler 34' fifth wheel with 3 slide-outs. It has all of the amenities of home, including a full bathroom, air conditioning, and propane heat. It features a king-sized bed in the master suite, and the living room has a futon that sleeps two. The unit is equipped with a refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave oven, double kitchen sink, plates, glasses and utensils, and has Corian countertops throughout. There is a large clothes closet in the master suite, and plenty of drawer space. There are two rockers with foot rests in the living room, and there is a very large covered deck with a charcoal grill outside, overlooking the river. Bring your own linens, blankets, pillows, food, and sundries. There is NO SMOKING and pets are NOT allowed in our rental trailers.

5th Wheel Rental – Sleeps 4 $103.00 $618.00 $2,163.00 $337.00

* Holiday weekend rate based upon 3-day minimum stay.

Additional Charges & Fees

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out $2.00 per hour
Visitors $4.00 per adult (over 18 yrs.) $3.00 per child (17 yrs. and under)
Overnight / Extra Guests * $6.00 per person (adults and children)
Overnight / Extra Guests -
Holiday Weekends *
$8.00 per person (adults and children)
Guest Boat Launch $15.00 per day (plus visitor fee)
Winter Storage $150.00
Moving Camper $50.00
Winterize Camper $50.00 (our anti-freeze) $40.00 (your anti-freeze)

* All guests and visitors must register at camp office. $5.00 fine per person if any visitor fails to register.
We are required by law to know and register all people in our park at all times.
All camper and visitors cars must have a pass affixed to their rear-view mirror at all times.

2016 Seasonal Sites

Please call for seasonal rates.

Online Reservation Requests

Make your Pine Crest Campground reservation requests online! Simply complete the form below, indicating your dates of arrival and departure, number of people, the type of camping equipment which you will be using, the type of site which you require, and your basic contact information. We will reply promptly to confirm availability and to obtain the necessary deposit.

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Pine Crest Campground Reservation Request
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Reservation, Cancellation & Refund Policies:
Holiday weekends have a 3-day minimum, with the full deposit payable at the time of reservation. Reservations for all other times require a 50% deposit. Cabin rental reservations require full prepayment.
We accept Visa and MasterCard.
Specific site reservations are subject to substitution if previous occupants extend their stays.
A reservation may be cancelled up to 10 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival for a refund, less a $20.00 cancellation fee. Cabin reservation cancellations require 20 days prior notice. No refunds under any other circumstances. Sorry, holiday weekends are non-refundable.
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Pine Crest Campground, 280 State Route 79, Windsor, NY 13865 - (607) 655-1515

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